Quality means doing it right when no one is looking - Henry Ford

From – making doodles in the trenches of last bench during school days way back in early 90’s.
To – being invited as a design speaker at HYSEA-2016 (Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association) it has been an adventurous
voyage so far.

Starting career as a CG-Artist and later leading a team for a couple of international animated series, it feels like completing a full circle. With over 12 years in driving creative portfolios across diverse media spread including Web, Broadcast and Prints.

Wait! I missed an important element that sums up 8mango, that’s e-waste/junk which got my mojo back (making art from waste). From getting recognized across noteworthy pedestals like TEDx Hyderabad, IIT Bombay. And a national TV show on Art and Craft (over 70 episodes). Junk-Art making headlines in several national newspapers has only been the icing on a perfect layer cake. It wasn’t a cake walk though!

Here’s what I can do for you with guaranteed authenticity.

   Digital appetite:    Visual DesignBrandingVideos

   Tangible medium: ExhibitionArt InstallationsArt & Craft show

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"I worked with Dhiraj on couple of Projects, His approach and understanding of work is really professional and most of the times it is spot on and approved in first take. He also is a very good team player and nice person to work with. I wish him all the best and would love to work with him again."
Narendra Deshpande
VP Production  - Xentrix Studios
"I consider myself fortunate that I got a chance to interact with Dhiraj on various levels, worked with him as colleague, partied with him as friend and enjoyed his junk art passion. He is extremely creative person, movie buff armed with amazing sense of humor. He’s very good team player and creative designer/animator. Wish him all the best for his junk art creations, which I have enjoyed right from the nascent stages."
Hrishikesh Patil.
Senior Director  - Synechron Pvt. Ltd
"Creativity creativity creativity! The only one word that comes to mind when I think of Dhiraj Sharma. I had the good fortune of working with this young and highly gifted person. He is amazing to work with. I believe many are talented but a very few are gifted. He is the gifted ONE!"
JJ Prasad
Show Producer  - CBN Multimedia

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