8mango journey

From making miniatures using a handful of trash in my school days..till getting recognised across noteworthy pedestals like TEDx Hyderabad, IIT Bombay, has been an interesting voyage.

Today, 8mango has transformed more than 100+ kgs of junk (E-waste,plastic, metal) into artefacts for corporates, institutional spaces and individuals since 2006.

Proud exhibitor at :

  • Green Elements UK - 2020 : Guest speakers for podcast on sustainability (art from junk theme)
  • TEDX Hyderabad - 2019, 2016 : Experience partner, exhibitor.
  • Recommerce Expo Bangalore 2018 : Speaker Panelist on sustainability, exhibitor, made 120 mementos for the event using e-waste
  • HYSEA - Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association 2016 : Exhibitor, Speaker on ‘Design ek Sonch’ forum dedicated for Design Thinking
  • Army School - Pune 2009 : Conducted workshop for teachers, professors on ‘Art from waste’ theme
  • IIT BOMBAY - 2008 : Art exhibitor, created mascot for Tech-fest using trash

Art and Craft show :

  • Sony Entertainment 2007-2009 : Art Supervisor/creator for over 70 Episodes.
  • Nickelodeon -2010 : Art Supervisor/creator for 13 Episodes.

Covered by :

The Times Of India, The Hindu , Indian Express, Telangana News, The Idle Home and Garden (Magazine) : Sharing space with renowned contemporary artists across the globe.