We may live in a digital age, but we live in an analogue world – Christopher Nolan

Childhood Archival unfolds some of the bookmarked pages of our school days, like the most awaited summer vacations garnished with few pre-monsoon showers that baked the muddy ground warm with charm, as we rushed with kites in hand.

With just few gadgets around like a loud landline phone used for blank call and a bulky TV set which required frequent tweaking of the antennae rooted on top of the roof. One National Tv Channel where all friends were on same page discussing Malgudi Days, Byomkesh Bakshi and more.

The Golden 90’s plays some interesting chords from the years, when streets were the playground and friends were well-connected offline. Grabbing a window seat while travelling was such a pleasure and owning a walkman was a luxury. Those were the years – when paper soaps ruled over pocket sanitizer, perhaps the germs were pretty outdated too.

P.S. Most friends honestly believed that Undertaker’s life was captured in a jar.

Here’s my very brief attempt to recreate the 90’s magic.