“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”
– Steve Jobs

Fun Facts

Created with discarded dials, cells of more than 600 different wrist watches. Comprising more than 80 different brands like HMT, Casio, Timex etc; collected over months from different watch makers stretching across Bangalore.

Got busy in knocking doors of various scrap yards to gather best suited junk to create the Tech-Fest mascot (IIT Bombay)
TV news channel displayed 8mangoes.com instead of 8mango.com

“Who flies with such things in the baggage ? ” The airport authorities questioned while scanning my luggage, which was loaded with utmost junk (broken bulbs, nuts, can clips, junk keyboard, empty deodorant cans, paints, wires etc)

Most of the junk-art character were broken while carrying those for the TV show, to fix them back was quite challenging. Wish ‘Ctrl+z’ worked in real life.

Transformed more than 25 kgs of junk to create various artefacts (since last 2006)
Conquered stage fear at HYSEA, where I shared the stage with some highly talented delegates.
Used more than 300 discarded X-ray sheets, collected from various radiologist, to create an artefact (10 ft X 10 ft) at TedX Hyderabad. Interestingly the announcement at the event post lunch was – 8 volunteers who have volunteered for the 8mango artwork please report to 8mango stall.
Presenting the last copy of Junk-Art Calendar 2018 to Mr. Mohandas Pai, at British Council event, Bangalore.
Meanwhile 8mango.com logo got evolved (see flex banners in the background) The population of junk-art character just doubled since last decade and I gained some weight too.
Thankful to all those keep encouraging me to stick around junk-art 🙂